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  • Low, Low Pricing Worldwide!
  • Fast fax delievery to hundreds of thousands per hour.
  • Great features such as fax merge and full reporting on completion included.
  • Fax opt out (fax removal) service included.
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  • No monthly fees, software, phone lines or hardware.

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ProFAX is Easy, Affordable, & Effective!

ProFAX Fax Broadcasting: ProFAX® is a customized, automated fax broadcasting system. It enables you to send documents by fax to thousands of destinations instantly for less money and better response rates than traditional direct mailing. Whether you need to send information around town or around the world, ProFAX can broadcast your documents at a moment's notice. As a first time user, simply provide us with a list of names and fax numbers for your broadcast. Next, send us the document(s) to be distributed and any related artwork. That's it! It's that simple!

With rates starting at only 2¢ per page (with even steeper discounts depending on your volume), ProFAX is a fax marketing service you can't afford not to try!

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Why Use ProFAX?

Fax Merging,
Personalized Faxes

As an option, you can merge your customer's name, account number, sales rep's name and phone number, etc. to make sure your fax gets to the right person with the right information.

Low Cost - Great Results

Starting at 2¢ a page, ProFAX is much less expensive than a direct mail campaign and yields a much higher rate of response compared to mail or social media advertising. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or an individually owned small business, you can actively reach your target audience with fax broacasting!

Free Fax Opt Out

We’ll give you a free website and a toll-free automated 800 number to collect fax number opt outs. We'll use it to keep your list up to date and scrub out those who don't want your faxes.

25+ Years of

We have been providing fax broadcasting services since 1989.

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